Granite Countertops Lake Tahoe See examples and learn more...

Whether its for your granite countertops lake tahoe kitchen, bathroom, entryway or anything you can think of for your home; Whaley Custom Tile has nearly 20 years of experience in custom granite countertops Lake Tahoe. If you just want to learn more about this stone or are looking for inspiration, the information below should prove helpful.

What is granite?

Granite is an igneous rock formed from magma, that can be found in many different types of colors, ranging from dark granite to light granite colors. It is a very hard and tough rock that can be found all over the Earth, in many different countries and places. After it is mined, one side is polished, the rock is sliced up into “granite slabs”. With those slabs we can create anything we’d like from kitchen countertops to shower-pans. Consider some of the benefits of using granite in your home: